Spell This!

Spell ThisSpell This! A spelling class offering strategies, tips and techniques to become a better speller.

Class meets for 1 hour weekly

  • Spelling words based on the 1200 high frequency word list  http://rmtc.fsdb.k12.fl.us/literacy/files/1200wordlist.pdf
  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring any challenging spelling words to class.
  • Students may engage in an assessment pretest to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teaching the NLP techniques of “manipulating a spelling word” in any modality for spelling retention.
  • Interactive and social group activities, puzzles and games to strengthen spelling comprehension
  • Parent tools to work with the child at home.
  • School supplies are required for this class: pencils, 3 x 5 index cards, notebook paper

Please note: This class is presented in three parts, each level is presented in a 16 week session. 

This class is appropriate for both boys and girls.

  • Level 1: Words 1 – 400 for grades 1st to 4th.
  • Level 2: Words 401 – 800 for grades 3rd to 6th. 
  • Level 3: Words 801 – 1200 for grades 5th – 8th.

Approved vendor: Sky Mountain and Sage Oak Charter School. An important note for charter school families – Please fill out the registration form and send it into the instructor AND notify your ES to create a purchase order (PO).  All POs must be approved prior to the start of the student’s first day of attendance.